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2011年 世界跆拳道聯盟 最新跆拳道競賽規則




After Amended
Article 1. Purpose  目的
1. The purpose of the Competition Rules is to manage fairly and smoothly all matters pertaining to competitions of all levels to be promoted and/or organized by the WTF, Continental Unions and member National Associations, ensuring the application of standardized rules.

Article 2. Application  適用範圍
1. The Competition Rules shall apply to all the competitions to be promoted and/or organized by the WTF, each Continental Union and member National Association. However, any member National Association wishing to modify some or any part of the Competition Rules must first gain the prior approval of the WTF. In the case that a Continental Union and/or a Member National Association violates WTF Competition Rules without prior approval of the WTF, the WTF may exercise its discretion to disapprove or revoke the concerned international tournament. In addition, the WTF may take further disciplinary actions to the pertinent Continental Union or Member National Association.
(Explanation #1)
First gain the approval: Any organization desiring to make a change in any portion of the existing rules must submit to the WTF the contents of the desired amendment along with the reasons for the desired changed. Approval for any changes in these rules must be received from the WTF one month prior to the scheduled competition. WTF can apply Competition Rules with modifications in its promoted Championships with the decision of the Technical Delegate after approval of the President.

Article 3. Competition Area  競賽場地
2. The Competition Area shall measure 8m x 8m using the metric system. The Competition Area shall have a flat surface without any obstructing projections, and be covered with an elastic and not slippery mat. The Competition Area may also be installed on a platform 1m high from the base, if necessary. The outer part of the Boundary Line shall be inclined at a gradient of less than 30 degrees, for the safety of the contestants.

3. Demarcation of the Competition Area
3.1 The 8m x 8m area shall be called the Competition Area and shall be marked in blue color, and the marginal line of the Competition Area shall be called the Boundary Line. The outer part of boundary line shall be marked in red or yellow color. The front Boundary Line adjacent to the Recorder’s Desk and the Commission Doctor’s Desk shall be deemed
Boundary Line #1. Clockwise from Boundary Line #1, the other lines shall be called Boundary Lines #2, #3, and #4.

3.2.6 Position of the Coaches: The position of the Coaches shall be marked at a point 1m back from the center point of the safety boundary line of each contestant’s side. Coaches shall not stand up while coaching (except the case when requesting for video replay) and shall not leave the 1m x 1m marked Coach’s zone that indicates the position of the coach. In case of violation of this rule, the referee shall give “Kyong-go” to the pertinent coach.
指導教練的位置:指導教練的位置應與選手同邊,其位置應設於距離邊界線中點往後1公尺處。教練指導選手時不可站立(除了要求錄影重播之外),並且不得離開1m x 1m標示為教練指導位置的教練區。若違反此規則,主審應給予該位教練“警告。”

(Explanation #1)
Elastic mat: The degree of elasticity and slipperiness of the mat must be approved by the WTF before the competition.

(Explanation #4)  解釋#4
The positions of referee and contestants shall be indicated on the mat with different color from the color of the mat.

Article 4. Contestant  競賽選手
1. Qualification of Contestant 
1.4 Contestants at the age of at least 15 years old in the year the pertinent tournament is held (14-17 years old for Junior Taekwondo Championships)

2. Contestant uniform and protective equipment
2.1 A contestant shall wear a WTF-approved trunk protector, groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, hand protector,sensing socks (in the case of using PSS) and be equipped with a mouth piece before entering the Contest Area. Head protector must be firmly tucked under left arms when entering into competition area. Head protector shall be put on the head following instructions of the referee before the start of the contest.

2.4 The Organizing Committee of WTF-promoted Championships shall be responsible for preparing all equipment required for the Championships. Prior approval of the WTF shall be required for the number of pieces of equipment as mandated in the Technical Manual. The Organizing Committee shall provide equipment for free to the athletes at the training venue before and during the competitions upon request of the WTF.

Article 6. Classification and Methods of Competition
3. Taekwondo competition of the Olympic Games shall use an individual competition system between contestants with the combination of single elimination tournament and repechage.

Article 7. Duration of Contest
1. The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of two minutes each, with a one-minute rest period between rounds. In case of a tie score after the completion of the 3rd round, a 4th round of two minutes will be conducted as the sudden death overtime round, after a one-minute rest period following the 3rd round.

2. The duration of each round may be adjusted to 1 minute x 3 rounds, 1 minute 30 seconds x 3 rounds or 2 minutes x 2 rounds upon the decision of the Technical Delegate for the pertinent Championships.

Article 8. Drawing of Lots  抽籤
3. Certain number of the athletes may be seeded based on their ranks in the WTF World Ranking. Detailed guidelines shall be stipulated in bylaw of World Ranking.

Article 10. Procedure of the Contest  競賽程序
3. Entering the Competition Area
After inspection, the contestant shall proceed to the Coach’s area with one coach and one team doctor or a physiotherapist (if any).

Explanation#1. Team doctor or a physiotherapist:
At the time of submission of entry for team officials, copies of relevant and appropriate licenses of team doctor or physiotherapist written in English shall be attached. After verification, special accreditation cards shall be issued to those team doctors or physiotherapists. Only those who have obtained proper accreditation shall be allowed to proceed to Competition area with coach.

Article 12. Valid Points  有效得分
3.1 One (1) point for a valid attack on trunk protector
3.3 Three (3) points for a valid attack to the head
3.4 Four (4) points for a valid turning kick to the head
3.1 有效擊中護具得一分
3.3 有效擊中頭部得三分
3.4 有效轉身踢擊頭部得四分

(Explanation #2)
b. In the use of PSS: Force of impact is measured by the PSS with the level of force by which points are scored varying by weight division and sex.

(Guideline for officiating)
When a contestant is knocked down due to opponent’s legitimate attack with valid point, the referee shall first check the status of the contestant and decide whether to count or not. If the referee determines that the contestant cannot continue the match, the referee may stop the match and declare the winner by K.O. When a contestant is knocked down by the opponent’s legitimate attack without registration of valid point(s), the referee shall either resume the match after checking the status of the athlete or take action in accordance with the Article 18 ‘Procedure in the event of a Knock Down’. The criteria of “Knock-down” shall be in accordance with the Article 17

(Guideline for officiating)
When any part of the foot touches the opponent’s head, it will be regarded as a valid point.

(Explanation #2)
b. In the use of electronic scoring trunk protector: Force of impact is measured by the electronic sensor of the protector with the level of force by which points are scored varying by weight division and sex.

Article 13. Scoring and Publication
3. In the use of PSS
3.2 Valid points scored to the head or attack by fist shall be recorded by each judge using the electronic scoring instrument or by the judges scoring sheet. As per valid turning kick on the head, the judges shall score valid points and ‘valid turn’.

4. In case of using 4 judges or 3 judges, valid points shall be those scored by at least two or more judges.

Article 14 Prohibited acts and Penalties違規行為與判罰
5. Prohibited acts
1) b.

2) b
2) g.

5.1.2 Avoiding or delaying the match

Explanation #2
Prohibited acts resulting in a Kyong-go penalty
d. ii.Turning the back to avoid the opponent’s attack and should be punished as it expresses the lack of a spirit of fair play and may cause serious injury. The same penalty should also be given for evading the opponent’s attack by bending below waist level or crouching.

‘Pretending injury’ means exaggerating injury or indicating pain in a body part not subjected to a blow for the purpose of demonstrating the opponent’s actions as a violation, and also exaggerating pain for the purpose of elapsing the match time. In this case, the referee shall give the indication to continue the match to the contestant two times in five (5) seconds intervals, and then shall give a “Kyong-go” penalty unless the contestant follows his/her instructions.

“Kyong-go” shall also be given to the athlete who asks the referee to stop the contest for any reason (for instance, in order to adjust position of protective equipment) or ask his/her coach to request for video replay

Article 15. Sudden Death and Decision of Superiority  驟死賽與優勢裁決
5. In case of using 4 refereeing officials (1 Referee and 3 corner judges), the referee can break the tie when the decision is tied with 2:2 among all refereeing officials.

Article 16. Decisions  裁決
1. Win by Knock-out (KO)
2. Win by Referee Stops Contest (RSC)
3. Win by final score (PTF)
4. Win by point gap (PTG)
5. Win by Sudden Death (SDP)
6. Win by Superiority (SUP)
7. Win by withdrawal (WDR)
8. Win by disqualification (DSQ)
9. Win by referee’s punitive declaration (PUN)

(Explanation #1)
Win by Knock-out: The referee shall declare this result when a contestant, who has been knocked down by the opponent’s legitimate technique with valid point(s), cannot demonstrate the will to resume the contest by the count of “Yeo-dul”, and when the referee determines the contestant is not able to resume the competition, this result may be declared before 10 seconds have lapsed.

(Explanation #3)
Win by point gap: In case of 12 points difference between two athletes at the time of the completion of 2nd round and/or at any time during the 3rd round, the referee shall stop the contest and shall declare the winner by point gap.

Article 18. Procedure in the event of Knock Down  擊倒狀況的處理程序
2. Procedures to be followed after the contest: Any contestant who could not continue the match as a result of a serious injury regardless of any parts of the body cannot enter competition within thirty (30) days without approval of the WTF Medical Chairman after submission of a statement from the physician designated by the pertinent national federation.

Article 20. Technical Officials  技術官員
1. Technical Delegate (TD)  技術代表
1.1 Qualification: Chairman of WTF Technical Committee shall serve as the TD at the WTF-promoted championships except WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships and WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championships. In case of absence of Chairman of WTF Technical Committee, WTF President can appoint TD upon recommendation of WTF Secretary General.

1.2 Roles: TD is responsible to ensure that WTF Competition Rules are properly applied and preside over the Head of team meeting and drawing of lots session. TD approves the result of draw, weigh-in and competitions before it being officialized. TD has the right to make final decisions on competitions and overall technical matters in consultation with Competition Supervisory Board. TD shall make final decisions on any matters pertaining to competitions not prescribed in Competition Rules. TD serves as the Chairman of Competition Supervisory Board.

2. Competition Supervisory Board (CSB) Member  競賽管理委員會成員
2.1 Qualification: CSB members shall be appointed by the WTF President upon recommendation of Secretary General from those who have sufficient experience and knowledge of taekwondo competitions. Composition: CSB shall consist of one Chairman and no more than 6 members at WTF-promoted championships. Chairman of WTF Games Committee shall be included in CSB as ex-officio.

2.2 Roles: CSB shall assist TD in the matters of competition and techniques and ensure the competitions are held in accordance with the schedule. CSB shall evaluate the performances of Review jury and refereeing officials. CSB shall also concurrently act as the Extraordinary Sanctions Committee during competition with regard to competition management matters.

3. Review Jury (RJ)  陪審委員會
3.1 Qualification: RJ shall be appointed by WTF President upon recommendation of WTF Referee Chairman from those who are “S” or “1st” class International Referees. Composition: One (1) RJ and one (1) assistant to RJ shall be allocated per court.
3.2 Roles: RJ shall review an instant replay and inform the referee of the decision within one (1) minute.

4. Refereeing officials  裁判人員
4.1 Qualification: Holders of International Referee Certificate registered by the WTF   資格:持有世盟認可之國際裁判證
4.2 Duties  職務
4.2.1 Referee  主審 The referee shall have control over the match.  主審應掌握整場比賽情況 The referee shall declare “Shi-jak”, “Keu-man”, “Kalyeo”, “Kye-sok”, “Kye-shi”, “Shi-gan”, winner and loser, deduction of points, warnings and retiring. All the referees’ declarations shall be made after the results are confirmed.
主審裁判應宣佈“Shi-jak”(開始)、“Keu-man”(停止)、“Kal-yeo”(離開)、“Kye-sok”(繼續)及“Kye-shi”(計時)等口令,宣佈優勝者和落敗者,宣告扣分、警告與退場;主審裁判為整合所有副審裁判評判的結論者。 The referee shall have the right to make decisions independently in accordance with the prescribed rules.
依據前述規則,主審有權決定最後結果。 In principle, the center referee shall not award points. However, if one of the corner judges raises his/her hand because a point was not scored, then the center referee will convene a meeting with the judges. If it was found that two corner judges request for change of the judgment, the referee must accept and correct the judgment (in case of 1 referee + 3 judges). The referee has right to break tie when the opinions of judges are tied with 2:2 (in case of 1 referee + 4 judges) pressed for a point but two did
not, then the center referee has the authority to break the tie by deciding if it was a point.
原則上,主審不負責給分。然而,若一副審因分數未顯示得分而舉手,主審應召集所有副審討論。若有兩位副審要求更改判決,主審必須接受且更正判決(若為一位主審+三位副審的情況)。主審在副審表決呈現2:2的狀態時,有權打破平手狀況(若為一位主審+四位副審的情況)。兩位副審按鈕給分,另外兩位則無給分的情況下,主審可做最後決定該得分是否成立。 In case of a tie or scoreless match, the decision of superiority shall be made by all refereeing officials after the end of four (4) rounds in accordance with Article 15.

4.2.2 Judges  副審 The judges shall mark the valid points immediately.  副審須立即記下有效得分 The judges shall state their opinions forthrightly when requested to do so by the referee. 

4.3 Composition of refereeing officials per court  每個場地裁判人員之組成
4.3.1 With the use of a Protector and Scoring System, the officials’ squad is composed of one (1) referee and three (3) judges.

4.3.2 With non-use of protector and scoring system, the officials’ squad is composed of one (1) referee and four (4) judges.

4.4 Assignment of refereeing officials  裁判人員之派任
4.4.1 The assignment of the referees and judges shall be made after the contest schedule is fixed.
4.4.2 Referees and judges with the same nationality as that of either contestant shall not be assigned to such a contest. However, an exception can be made for the judges when the number of refereeing officials is insufficient.

4.5 Responsibilities for decisions: Decisions made by the referees and judges shall be conclusive and they shall be responsible to the Competition Supervisory Board for the content of those decisions.

4.6 Uniforms  制服
4.6.1 The referees and judges shall wear the uniform designated by the WTF.  主審及副審須穿著世盟指定之制服。
4.6.2 The refereeing officials shall not carry or take any materials to the arena which might interfere with the contest.

5. Recorders: The recorder shall time the contest, periods of time-out, and suspensions, and also shall record and publicize the awarded points, and/or penalties.

The details of the official’s qualifications, duties, organization, etc. shall follow the WTF Regulations on the Administration of International Referees.

TD may replace or penalize the refereeing officials in consultation with CSB in the event that refereeing officials have been wrongly assigned, or when it is judged that any of the assigned refereeing officials have unfairly conducted the contest or made unjustifiable mistakes.

(Guideline for officiating)
In case that each judge awards different score respectively to the legal attack on the face, for instance, one judge gives one point, another gives two and the other gives no point, and that no point is recognized as a valid one, any of refereeing officials may indicate the mistake and ask for confirmation among the refereeing officials. Then, the referee may declare “Shi-gan (time)”
to stop the contest and gather the judges to ask for a statements. After discussion, the referee must publicize the resolution. In the case that a coach requests for video review for the same case that one of the judges requests for a meeting between refereeing officials, the referee shall first gather judges before taking the request from coach. If it has been decided to correct the decision, the coach shall remain seated without using appeal quota. If the coach still stands and request for video review, the referee shall take the coach’s request. This article also applied to the case that the referee makes an error in judgment of knock-down, and the judges may raise a different opinion to the referee while the referee counts “Seht (three)” or “Neht (four)”.

Article 21. Instant Video Replay  即時錄影重播
1. In case there is an objection to a judgment of the refereeing officials during the contest, the coach of a team can make a request to the center referee for an immediate review of the video replay.

2. When coach appeals, the center referee will approach the coach and ask the reason for the appeal. Scope of the appeal for the video replay is limited to the errors of the referee in application of Competition Rules, scoring and penalties. In the case of using PSS, instant video replay cannot be requested for the areas scored by the PSS. The scope of instant video replay request is limited to the only one action which has occurred within five (5) seconds from the moment of the coach’s request. Once the coach raises the blue or red card to request for instant video replay, it will be considered that the coach has used his/her allocated appeal under any circumstance.

3. Referee shall request the Review Jury to review the instant video replay. Review Jury, who is not of the same nationality as the contestants, shall review the video replay.

4. After review of the instant video replay, the Review Jury shall inform the center referee of the final decision within one (1) minute after receiving the request.

5. Each coach shall be allocated with one (1) appeal to request an instant video replay request per contest. If the appeal is successful and the contested point is corrected, the coach shall retain the appeal right for the pertinent contest.

6. In the course of one (1) Championship, there is no limit of total number of appeals a coach has the right to make per contestant. However, if any coach has had certain number of appeals rejected for one contestant, he/she will lose the right to any further appeals. Based on the size and level of the Championships, the Technical Delegate may decide the number of appeal quota between one (1) and three (3) per Championships.

7. The decision of the Review Jury is final; no further appeals will be accepted during or after the contest.
8. In the case that there is a clear erroneous decision from the refereeing officials on identification of the contestant or errors in the scoring system, any of judges shall request for review and correct the decision at any time during the contest. Once the refereeing officials leave the competition area, it will not be possible for anyone to request for review or to change the decision.

9. In the case of a successful appeal, the Competition Supervisory Board shall investigate the contest at the end of the competition day and take disciplinary action against the concerned refereeing officials, if necessary.

10. In the tournament where instant video replay system is not available, the following protest procedure will be applied.

10.1 In case there is an objection to a referee judgment, an official delegate of the team must submit an application for re-evaluation of decision (protest application) together with the non-refundable protest fee of US$200 to the Board of Arbitration (Competition Supervisory Board) within 10 minutes after pertinent contest.

10.2 Deliberation of re-evaluation shall be carried out excluding those members with the same nationality as that of contestant concerned, and resolution on deliberation shall be made by majority.

10.3 The members of the Board of Arbitration (Competition Supervisory Board) may summon the refereeing officials for confirmation of events.

10.4 The resolution made by the Board of Arbitration (Competition Supervisory Board) will be final and no further means of appeal will be applied.

10.5 Deliberation procedures are as follows:  審議程序如下
10.5.1 A coach or head of team from the protesting nation shall be permitted to make a brief verbal presentation to the Board of Arbitration in support of their position. The coach or head of team from the respondent nation shall be allowed to present a brief rebuttal.

10.5.2 After reviewing the protest application, the contest of the protest must be arranged according to the criterion of “Acceptable” or “Unacceptable”.

10.5.3 If necessary, the Board can hear opinions from the referee or judges. 若有需要,委員會可聽取主審或副審之意見
10.5.4 If necessary, the Board can review the material evidence of the decision, such as the written or visual recorded data.

10.5.5 After deliberation, the Board shall hold the secret ballot to determine a majority decision.

10.5.6 The Chairperson will make a report documenting the outcome of the deliberation and shall make this outcome publicly known.

10.5.7 Subsequent process following the decision:  裁決後之程序 Errors in determining the match results, mistakes in calculating the match score or misidentifying a contestant shall result in the decision being reversed.
比賽結果裁決錯誤、分數計算錯誤或誤認選手等錯誤判決應撤銷。 Error in application of the rules: When it is determined by the Board that the referee made a clear error in applying the Competition Rules, the outcome of the error shall be corrected and the referee shall be punished.
規則使用錯誤:當委員會裁決主審競賽規則使用錯誤,應更正錯誤並處分主審。 Errors in factual judgment: When the Board decides that there was a clear error in judging the facts such as impact of striking, severity of action or conduct, intention, timing of an act in relation to a declaration or area, the decision shall not be changed and the officials seen to have made the error shall be reprimanded.

Article 22. Sanctions  懲處
1. The WTF President or Secretary General (in case of their absence, the Technical Delegate) may request that the Extraordinary Sanctions Committee to convene for deliberation when any of the following behaviors committed by a coach a contestant or officials.
1.1 Interfering with the management of a contest  干擾賽會之管理
1.2 Agitating the spectators or spreading false rumor   煽動群眾並散播不實謠言
2. When judged reasonable, the Extraordinary Sanctions Committee shall deliberate the matter and take disciplinary action immediately. The result of deliberation shall be announced to the public and reported to the WTF Secretariat afterwards.

3. The Extraordinary Sanctions Committee may summon the person concerned for confirmation of events.

Extraordinary Sanctions Committee: Deliberation procedures of a sanction shall correspond to that of Arbitration, and the details of a sanction will comply with the Regulations on Sanctions.

Article 23. Other matters not specified in Competition Rules  其他
1. In the case that any matters not specified in the Rules occur, they shall be dealt with as follows.

1.1 Matters related to the competition shall be decided through consensus by the refereeing officials of the pertinent contest.

1.2 Matters not related to a specific contest throughout the Championships such as technical matters, competition matters, etc shall be decided by the Technical Delegate.

1.3 The Organizing Committee shall prepare video tape recorders at each court in order to preserve the match contents.

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